Conversation assistants

They have both been chosen to work here by the programmes CAPS and Home to Home.

These programmes provide schools in Spain with Conversation Assistants in order to immerse the children with the English language, culture and the many different accents of Native English speakers.


My name is Rosie Carter, I am a recent graduate of American Studies, and am now a Conversation Assistant here at La Farga, working mainly with Llar 2 and in the Atelier with P5.

The reasons why I joined this programme was so that I could live in and experience Spain and its culture, which has been enhanced by the experience of living with a host family, who are absolutely lovely, to improve my Spanish, and most importantly, to work with children is such a positive and fulfilling opportunity. All of the classes in the Atelier are taught in English, and so it is my job to encourage the use of the language with the children, but to also help with expanding their creativity – something of which I am very passionate about. Then with Llar 2 I interact, play and read to the children, as well as assisting with their English classes. It always amazes me that while they may not be able to fully communicate with me yet, they can often still understand me. I am absolutely loving my time here, and there is simply nothing better than walking into a room full of smiling little faces who are so excited for you to be working with them. 


My name is Helena Shanks and I am a conversation assistant at La Farga Infantil. I am native English speaker as I am from Yorkshire in the North of England! Being a conversation assistant consists of helping the children with their vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, whether it be in the classroom, in the atelier or on the playground. This way the children are able to learn and practice their English in a more natural way, as it is done through conversation and is not just in a classroom environment. The learning is also made fun as the children mostly learn through conversation games and activities making it more memorable. So far I am really loving my experience at La Farga Infantil as all the staff are friendly and welcoming and all the children are keen to learn! I will be a conversation assistant at the school till the end of June helping the children develop their English.

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