Conversation assistants

Talita, Megan Reilly, Devoney and Megan Gabrielle, our Conversation assistants, have already arrived and here is a short bio of each of them.


Kia ora, hello and hola!

My name is Talita Simpson. It took me the worlds longest flight to get here as I live on the otherside of the world, New Zealand! In the up and coming school year, I hope to encourage the students and teachers
to speak more english and that they feel confortable in the way that they conversate in the language. I also aim to learn Spanish and Catalan as they are such beautiful languages!

When I first arrived at La Farga, I was amazed amount of space and facilities the school has for the kids to explore and learn for such a young age. I was also astonished by the staff as they were so kind, helpful and moving on to a few weeks later, they are still the same. My favourite space in the school is the atelier room, as it is a large creative space for the kids to run wild with their imagination and the only rules are that they have to take initiative for themselves with the art that they want to create. Its a great school and I'm very excited for this year!



My name is Megan Reilly, I am from Newcastle which is located in the North of England. In this school year i aim to develop the students and teachers English as it is a massive value that will not only carry them through school but will also help them in the future. This is also an opportunity for me to learn Spanish and a new culture!

My first impression of the school was how incredibly well kept it was. For example, the classrooms are extremely stimulating for the kids to learn, the playgrounds are created with a natural theme and the overall feeling is positive! The staff have been a massive impact on my time here in La Farga as they are always supportive and help maintain a positive energy throughout the week making my experience here even more enjoyable.


I’m Devoney Lloyd, aged 23 from Stoke-on-Trent in England. I am really enjoying my time at La Farga Infantil and I am extremely happy that I’ve been placed here as everyone has made me feel so welcome. 

What I love most about the school is that they are trilingual and help the children to learn Spanish, Catalan and English. I especially love that they have conversation assistants in the school to support and help improve the children’s English as I think it’s a great opportunity for the children to help them in the future. I will be very happy to end the year knowing that I have helped the children improve their English.


My name is Megan Gabrielle Hardman and I am 23 years old. I grew up in South end-on-sea in Essex but live in Murcia. My goals for while I'm here is to see the Magic Fountain and to learn how to cook some Spanish recipes.

I am in awe of how many options the children have to play with, read and create. It´s an amazing school that teaches 3 laungages in an interactive and fun way, hopefully, i´ll learn a bit of Catalán along the way. My favourite area of the school is the atelier as i wish i had a room like that when i was in school. I am looking forward to watching the children grow and learn.


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