Routines in English Class

For some years La Farga Infantil relies on trilingual education, with English language learning one of our priorities.

Taking into account that children begin to interact more with adults during these years, this stage is very suitable for the acquisition of a second language.

The English department in EILF works everyday in order to make that acquisition significant. We try to encourage an interest in English language and culture. The simple fact that the lesson is organised with the same structure, make children more comfortable and confident. They also know what to expect, giving them the oportunity to be proactive, and promoting participation in class.

As teachers of English we follow these three steps in our daily lessons: Presenting:  we teach the vocabulary and necessary structures; practicing: we encourage the children to participate in different activities in order to start repeating the vocabulary and producing: we prepare activities to stimulate the children to start using English to communicate with others.

Our routines are adapted to children incorporating familiar topics and concepts such as hello song, weather, colors,  shapes, days of the week, months of the year, numbers, seasons, feelings and phonics. We use these topics everyday by teaching them different songs, and using flashcards and activities. As a result once the children know and understand the routines, they can apply them and talk about their own experiences.

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