English project

Our children enjoy learning English through different activities. At La Farga Infantil we offer them the opportunity of learning through music, art, games, stories and projects.

They use the foreign language in practical and motivating activities that stimulate knowledge in a natural way.

Projects are a great tool for learning a language. Through projects students have the opportunity to use language in real life settings, improve their teamwork and learn new topics. When working on projects they soon forget the language and they focus on the content which makes this process of learning more natural.

Learning English through games gives students a chance to get out of their seats and learn in a hands-on environment. In their minds they are simply playing a game. If the games are used effectively, they can be an important tool to reinforce the lessons in an easier way..This is why we include games in our daily routine as we can see how much they learn through play.

Singing songs helps them to practice the new vocabulary and grammatical structures that they need to communicate with others. There are many websites that are very helpful for children to learn new songs and as parents you can take advantage of them.

Finally learning English through stories gives them the opportunity to improve their listening skills and learn more vocabulary. It increases the enthusiasm for reading and writing and keeps children engaged in learning. The students really enjoy story time in English class as it is one of their favourites. They love listening and predicting what will happen next by engaging with the teacher. By doing this we are helping them to think and make connections through learning English.

We really enjoy the way they learn English. It has to be useful for them to communicate with others. We encourage you to play in English at home!

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