By following the 4 major challenges set out in Aude!, we have constructed learning environments that are wide enough in scope to allow discovery and learning to be compatible with the rigours of a well-thought-out education. In this way, students can follow a learning path at their own pace, using their senses, emotions, social skills and values.

From the very beginning

The teaching methodology in preschool stage is therefore built around 4 main pillars:

  • A model for students to imitate: we present the youngest students with stimuli, knowledge and situations that can help them learn by observing and imitating the model given to them. 

  • Opportunities to put the model into practice: repeating, practising and rehearsing are the three main activities used during this learning process. 

  • A stimulating environment: designed to provide a safe, stimulating, attractive, exciting, socially enriching environment that is coherent and familiar to the students. 

  • Positive recognition: a climate of optimism and trust, which reinforces positive aspects by encouraging, congratulating and motivating students to help build up their self-esteem.
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