imatge de capçalera

Summer Camp

In July, La Farga changes its usual activity

and becomes a funny space where we practice diferent sports , games, manuals, workshops, swimming pool activities, adventures in the forest, and all of this in English!

General Information Summer Course 2021

 General Information Summer Course 2021

In La Farga, we are preparing lots of activities for the 2021 summer course addressed to Schoolgarden and Primary Education children, which is also open to other schools kids. It will begin on 28 June and ends on 23 July.

The schedule will be from 9 am until 16:30 (inlined) and there is possibility of staying from 8 h to 9 h in the morning and from 16:30 h to 5.30 p.m.

More information and inscriptions: HERE (soon).