Stations help us divide the class and create spaces where different games and tasks take place so children can express themselves.

Each station offers a rich environment to explore a different set of abilities. For example: books make children enjoy reading and is the first step to literacy; the mini-atelier provides lots of materials to capture our students’ creativity and view of the world that surrounds them and work their fine motor skills and; and the kitchen is a great opportunity to develop symbolic play which helps them understand and assimilate their surroundings, develops their language skills and imagination.

We make sure everything is within the children’s reach to help them make choices and be more self-sufficient, which at the same time is part of the process of knowing yourself and improving your self-esteem. Stations are designed to allow children to make mistakes, be creative with their ideas and feelings, and express them. There is no specific set of rules on how to play with blocks, so anything can be everything in the same place at the

Global competence