The environment is important!

Children are active learners. They will learn from the environment if it offers appropiate stimuli for their development.

Children interact spontaneously in favourable environments that focus on the development of practical and sensorial experiences with real objects. Movement is an integral part of this learning process in Montessori classrooms.

The montessori learning environment is set out to meet all the child's needs, starting with material and activities developed by Montessori herself, and supplemented by practical life experiences.

Repeating activities and stories help children to learn and remember new information. Once they have learnt something, they will enjoy repetition because they can anticipate what comes next. And, by knowing this, they feel they have accomplished something. Plus they get that excitement of completion all over again.

 Children learn through repetition and by trying lots of different ways to do the same thing. This helps them remember because it makes the unknown more familiar, and build up connections in the brain with continued practice.

For instance, you may find that your little one starts singing along to a theme song quite quickly. They've probably heard the song several times before and therefore knows what's coming next. So don't worry if your child wants to watch the same TV show over and over again. It's just a stage they're going through!

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